About Burdi

Burdi Early Childhood Center Gallery


  • Highly qualified teachers using the Creative curriculum and Everyday Math series
  • Structured environment with focus on social development
  • Academic readiness is monitored throughout the year and reported twice per year
  • Two, Three and Four day programs available


  • FREE preschool to those who qualify based on guidelines established by the State of Michigan
  • Four days a week
  • Focus is on building readiness for kindergarten and a successful academic career as well as development of basic life skills such as problem solving, socialization and cooperation


  • Highly qualified teacher assists in making the transitions easier
  • Morning or afternoon snack is provided
  • Available for those children who need extended care before and/or after their regular tuition class
  • Time is spent reinforcing skills being taught in your child’s classroom


  • We inspire involvement with our open invitation to families, extended family members, and members of our community.
  • Our 5-minute parent talks, after each class session, help families to be a part of our day and support children’s learning at home.
  • We offer full day child care and before & after care to further support the children in our community while parents are away. 
  • Our Caring, Loving, Positive team is available and always willing to go the extra mile to seek answers to your needed questions.
  • Early intervention is a part of our annual process.  Each fall, we evaluate all four year-olds for speech and language development.  We have professional staff available to address all of the needs of our children throughout each year.
  • All L’Anse Creuse Public Schools preschool programs use the Creative Curriculum, a research-based approach to early childhood learning and development.
  • Our teachers have bachelor’s degrees and all preschool assistants have associate degrees or Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) endorsements.
  • Our focus to support children and families as children transition to kindergarten is a priority.
  • Our ATTITUDE of supporting and encouraging one another, laughing together, and learning with/from one another fosters a strong team able to serve and collaborate with our families and children!

“The teamwork of the teachers is outstanding!”

"I have always felt my children were in a safe and loving environment. I highly recommend the center!"

“I love what is taught to children and how it is taught.  I also love that there’s a library!”

“I have had two children go through these programs.  Thank you for the great experiences.”

“I enjoyed, as a parent, being able to take part in the classroom.  The children participate in a variety of activities and have plenty of interaction with teachers.”

“Love it all!  The entire center is very family/child centered.”

“The teachers have been absolutely wonderful people to work with!  They were highly knowledgeable about early childhood development.  They all ran a structured yet child centered program that allowed the children to develop at their own pace.  The field trips and class activities provided a well rounded learning experience.”

“I have always felt my children were in a safe and loving environment.  I highly recommend the center!”

“Mornings were a blessing with the cheerful greeting of the childcare staff.  No matter what 4 year-old “thing” we were dealing with that day, I knew my daughter would be fine.  Staff knows their students well and meets them where they are at!”

“My child has learned so much and has still been allowed to keep her very imagination!”

“My child had a fabulous 2 years in preschool.  He is very prepared for kindergarten, socially and academically.  I am so glad he was able to attend.  It is a great feeling knowing he has learned so much.”

“The teachers are so loving and they made learning so much fun for the kids and helped us learn new ways to teach our children.”