High School Curriculum


L’Anse Creuse high schools offer a well-rounded curriculum that provides opportunities to meet the needs of all students. As standards and expectations for students continue to increase, this document represents an effort to respond to the many reports and studies, which call for, increased accountability for students and schools.

As a community, we must expect a greater commitment to school achievement to enhance our students’ future. We hope that your four years of high school will be a time of exploration, challenge, goal setting, fulfillment and planning for the future. This booklet has been designed to help guide you through this process.

Planning a four-year high school program is a serious undertaking. Although many of your courses will be determined by the educational plan you select, you will still have many other choices to make during your years of high school. Indecision about your career is normal at this time in your life.

Some students already have a specific career goal in mind. Other students have only a vague notion of their career goal. Many students will change their minds several times before settling on a final career. For this reason, it is important for you to plan as challenging a program as you can. If your career plans should change, then it will not be as difficult to move into another program. Choosing courses that meet your needs or interest is the best way to prepare for your future.

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21F Online Courses:
Students enrolled in L'Anse Creuse Public Schools that are interested in participating in an online course under section 21F should see the course offerings from Michigan Virtual High School at: External Linkhttp://micourses.org

College Admission Requirements

The state universities of Michigan have adopted specific requirements for students who graduate from high school and who wish to enter any of the 15 public universities. The new statement is an outgrowth of an initiative begun over six years ago to improve academic preparation of students seeking admission to a state university. 

The state universities have agreed that to be eligible for regular admission to a four-year degree program, a high school student must successfully complete the following course requirements: 

  • English - 4 years required 
  • Mathematics - 3 years required, including intermediate algebra; 
  • 4 years strongly recommended 
  • Biological / Physical Sciences - 2 years required; 
  • 3 years strongly recommended to include: 
    1 year of biological science
    1 year of physical science 
  • At least 1 year of laboratory course is strongly recommended 
  • History and Social Sciences - 3 years required, 1 year of American History 
  • 1 year of World History strongly recommended.

Prospective students are also encouraged to complete courses in the following areas:

  • World Language - 3 years strongly recommended 
  • Fine and Performing Arts - 2 years strongly recommended 
  • Computer Literacy - 1 year hands-on experience strongly recommended

The universities recognize that, for a variety of reasons, some students may not be able to complete all of the requirements. In such circumstances, students may still be considered for admission and, therefore, are encouraged to apply to the university of their choice. In all instances, each university has final authority for admissions decisions based on the level of achievement required and other indicators of potential for academic success. 

Students are encouraged to make the best use of courses that are offered at their high school. By doing so, they are more likely to develop the competencies and skills that are essential for academic success and, at the same time, have greater control over their choice of college and career options.