The L'Anse Creuse Public Schools' environment is one that encourages thoughtful inquiry, stimulates excitement about growth and learning and fosters motivation. This environment is best shaped through caring interaction and collaboration among students, educators, parents and other community members. L'Anse Creuse Public Schools serves residents in Harrison Township and portions of Clinton Township, Chesterfield and Macomb as well as sections of Mount Clemens and St. Clair Shores, totaling 37 square miles of northeast Macomb County, Michigan.

I want to Attend L'Anse Creuse

The following forms below are for your convenience to view and print to expedite the enrollment process. The Individual Enrollment Forms are fillable and can be typed and then printed. Each school may also have additional forms necessary to complete registration.  Also, please see the Updated Residency Guidelines listed below.

During the school year (August  13 thru June 13), please enroll at the school your child will be attending.  Please see school website for office hours.

For summer months (June thru August 10), please enroll at the Harry L. Wheeler Community Center & Administrative Offices, 24076 F.V. Pankow Blvd, Clinton Township MI 48036.  Enrollment is done Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.  No appointment is necessary.  Please bring all necessary documents. 


Questions related to Student Enrollment should be directed to:
Brenda Florence, Secretary
Student and Information Services
586.783.6300  Ext. 1246
586.307.3583  Fax

Enrollment Packets


PDF DocumentEnrollment Packet - Elementary (including Kindergarten)


PDF DocumentEnrollment Packet - Secondary


Please print all forms.


For the 2019-20 school year, a child who resides in a public school district or public school academy providing kindergarten may enroll in kindergarten if the child is at least 5 years of age on SEPTEMBER 1, 2019.

IF a child residing in a school district is NOT 5 years of age on SEPTEMBER 1, 2019, BUT will be 5 years of age not later than December 1 of the school year, the parent or legal guardian of that child may enroll the child in kindergarten for the school year IF they notify the school district in writing not later that June 1 prior to the beginning of the school year.

IF a child is not 5 years of age on the SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 BUT will be 5 years of age not later that December 1 of a school year, BECOMES A RESIDENT OF THE SCHOOL DISTRICT AFTER JUNE 1, the parent or legal guardian of that child may enroll the child in kindergarten for the school year if they notify the school district in writing not later than AUGUST 1 prior to the beginning of the school year.

Requirements for Enrollment

The Student and Information Services Department is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ~ No Appointment is Needed.

Please be prepared by having the following information with you at the time of your registration/appointment: School will make copies as needed.

  • Original, Certified Birth Certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Name and address of former school
  • Divorce/Custody papers (if applicable)
  • Parent identification (Driver's License)
  • Proof of Residency:  See Residency Guidelines below.
  • Student's most recent report card or transcript
  • Current IEP (Special Education only)
  • Completed enrollment forms. Buildings will have copies available if you are unable to access.

Kindergarten students must also provide:

  • Vision and Hearing Screening 

Registration is done at the school which your child(ren) will be attending. Please contact the school to make an appointment or to get more information.
Building Locations and Contact Information

Residency Guidelines

Proof of Residency.  Two pieces of proof are required. 

    1.  Original proof of home ownership:

  • Mortgage Statement or current property tax statement or if renting:  original signed lease with parent listed on lease OR must have completed Statement of Landlord with parent and students listed.
    Note: parent name must match student’s birth certificate – additional documentation may be required, i.e. marriage license or divorce decree.


   2.  Any one item listed (MUST be original documents, current and dated within 30 days of registration)

  • Utility bill
  • State of Michigan document
  • cell phone bill
  • current automobile  loan or lease
  • insurance statement or bank statement
    Note: The above are examples; other proofs may be deemed acceptable.

 If you cannot meet the above requirements, you will have to complete a Residential Affidavit to prove residency (see below).

Residential Affidavit

  • All Residential Affidavits will be issued and renewed by the Student and Information Services Department located at the Administration Building.
  • Both the parent and the resident must be present, sign paperwork and provide necessary documentation.
  • These affidavits are only valid for the current school year and must be renewed in June. 

Residential Renewal

If parent is renewing, parent needs to bring the following:

  1. One (1) of the following: a bank statement, insurance papers, voter's registration card, US postal change of address or credit card statement  AND
  2. Driver's License showing CURRENT address or Passport if not US citizen.

Types of Residential Affadavit

  1. Shared Household Residential Affidavit - If the entire family moves in with a resident of L'Anse Creuse
  2. Placement of Child In Home of Relative - If just the child is living with a relative (for the purposes of a suitable home only)