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Atlas Rubicon

With our live curriculum site, Atlas Rubicon, parents can now view some of their child's curriculum, including the essential questions that guide your child’s learning within the unit, the state standards which match the available learning targets, and the overall concepts and vocabulary your child will be experiencing.

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Curriculum Guide Book  2024-2025

Department Goals


At the elementary level, our variety of curricular programs promote student success in school by assisting them to learn necessary skills and attitudes. Programs emphasize decision-making, skill development and awareness, while students explore educational possibilities. Many programs also stress self-concept development and the acquisition of skills in developing interpersonal relationships.

Middle School

In our middle schools, curricular programs focus on the rapidly changing needs of emerging adolescents. Our programs are especially sensitive to the struggles of our middle school students for identity and for balancing the demands for academic, career and social competence. Many components begin in elementary school and continue to fit the special needs of students in middle school. The L’Anse Creuse curriculum areas build on each other as students progress through our grade levels.

High School

In our high schools, students are becoming responsible adults who can develop realistic and fulfilling life plans based on clear understandings of themselves and their needs, interests, abilities and skills. High school curriculum meets the simultaneous needs of meeting graduation requirements, preparing for college and preparing for the world of work. Continued attention is given to assisting our high school students to develop competence in decision making career planning, working with others, and taking responsibility for their own behavior.


Lisa Montpas 
Assistant Superintendent for
Curriculum & Instruction
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Kimberly Rawski                         
Director for Secondary Education
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Laura Dixon 
Director for Elementary Education
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