Curriculum Guidebook

L’Anse Creuse high schools offer a well-rounded curriculum that provides opportunities to meet the needs of all students. As standards and expectations for students continue to increase, this document represents an effort to respond to the many reports and studies, which call for, increased accountability for students and schools. As a community, we must expect a greater commitment to school achievement to enhance our students’ future.

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High School & Career Planning

We hope that your four years of high school will be a time of exploration, challenge, goal setting, fulfillment and planning for the future. This booklet has been designed to help guide you through this process.

Planning a four-year high school program is a serious undertaking. Although many of your courses will be determined by the educational plan you select, you will still have many other choices to make during your years of high school.

Indecision about your career is normal at this time in your life. Some students already have a specific career goal in mind. Other students have only a vague notion of their career goal. Many students will change their minds several times before settling on a final career. For this reason, it is important for you to plan as challenging a program as you can. If your career plans should change, then it will not be as difficult to move into another program. Choosing courses that meet your needs or interest is the best way to prepare for your future.

Career Pathways

During high school, one goal should be to explore the Career Pathways described in this booklet and learn whether or not one is interesting enough to be a potential match for you. Although it is not expected that students will know their specific career choice by the time of graduation, they should know which path is appropriate for them.

Students and parents are encouraged to read through this book and discuss the options. Counselors and teachers are eager to help you by making suggestions and recommendations as they apply to the specific pathways. By working together, students, parents, teachers and counselors can help make the high school years a great experience.

Students have many opportunities to build upon their classroom experiences by participating in co-curricular activities - athletics, clubs or organizations. These activities help students develop their creativity, leadership, teamwork, as well as develop long lasting friendships and relationships.