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Assistive Technology

The term, "Assistive Technology," encompasses a vast array of devices and services that may assist persons with disabilities to participate more fully and successfully in their life roles.  Included under the category of Assistive Technology are equipment and instructional strategies needed by students to assist communication (spoken and written), mobility, self care, and other needs arising from sensory, motor, cognitive, language or social impairments.

Assistive Technology devices may range from simple modifications like pencil grips to highly sophisticated electronic voice output communication aids.
Acquisition to Assistive Technology services and/or equipment will be based on the student's needs, as demonstrated in an evaluation, and referenced to goals and objectives stated in the student's IEP.


Nancy Supanich - ext. 1011
Director of Special Education

Kim Criner - ext. 1005
Supervisor for Special Education

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Secretary to Director of Special Education

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Registry Secretary

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Office Clerk