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Transitional Kindergarten. What is Transitional Kindergarten? Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is a free program offered in L'Anse Creuse. TK is the first of a two-year kindergarten sequence. Students attend TK, followed by kindergarten the next school year. The Tk program offers an alternative for children who are not yet ready for traditional kindergarten. Appl starting February 8! Click here for more information!


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$77,000 spent last year on professional development
Business office recognized for Excellence in Financial Reporting for 31 years
9 schools designated Green Schools
28 Advanced Placement classes offered
24 Career and Technical Education classes offered
$538,000 awarded by Foundation to date in grants and scholarships
$30,000+ in future college tuition saved by families through dual enrollment
1,600+ secondary students participate in athletics
Specialized Math, Science & Technology program
Clubs and co-curricular activities to fit all student interests
Award-winning Performing Arts program
Nationally recognized fine arts programs
Esteemed music programs at all grade levels
Preschool childcare offered at two locations
98% Graduation Rate
3 Leader in Me elementary schools
Extensive World Language Program K-12
45,490 Community service hours completed by Class of 2023
$4.2 million in scholarships offered to Class of 2023