Bus Route Information

With concern for privacy and security, bus run information is not being published on LCPS web site. Elementary, Middle and High School bus information is student specific and will be given to each child's parent or guardian in their school information packet.

If you have not received bus information by the end of August, contact your school or transportation at 586-783-6550 option 3.

Video DocumentBus Safety Tips

Teach your kids how to stay safe on and around school buses as they head back to school this fall. These tips are brought to you by First Student, North America's largest provider of student transportation, and the National Safety Council. Visit for more resources and information on school bus and back-to-school safety.


Video DocumentBus Safety for Elementary Students
Video DocumentBus Safety for Drivers
Video DocumentBus Safety for Drivers #2


Request for Alternate Address Busing

The above form should be printed and submitted to the Transportation Department by mail or fax. The form can also be turned in to your child's school office.

Management Staff

Kim Bryer, Transportation Supervisor - ext. 1108
Holly Vitale, Transportation Supervisor - ext. 1107
Pamela Legato,  Substitute Dispatcher - ext. 1109
Lynn Genna, Secretary - ext. 1113
Brian Allison, Head Mechanic - ext. 1106

Series 1

  • Upgrade Security System
  • Add Emergency Generator and Electrical Upgrade for Safety & Security
  • Replace Busses & Expand Security Camera System
  • Replace Building and Grounds Equipment

Series 2

  • Install Building Fire Protection for Safety
  • Expand Storage Areas
  • Replace Freezer Storage
  • Continue Bus Replacement Schedule
  • Repave Parking Lot as Required

Series 3

  • Continue Bus Replacement Schedule

L’Anse Creuse Public Schools employs an exceptional staff of mechanics to service our fleet of 92 school buses and several other vehicles used for grounds, maintenance and warehouse. Their caliber of work is evidenced by the consistent ‘excellent’ ratings earned in the annual State Police fleet inspection.

Growing Respect on Your Bus

The Information on this page and the attached brochure are provided to L'Anse Creuse by PTSI, External LinkPupil Transportation Safety Institute.

All children deserve a safe and enjoyable bus ride. No child should have to endure put-downs, teasing, threats, harassment, or bullying on the bus ride. We will not tolerate such behavior.

Our job is to protect your children, and we take it seriously. We are proud of the safety record of school buses. We want every child to arrive at school safely, ready to learn.


  • RESPECT your driver & attendant
  • Always follow their instructions - their job is to protect everyone on the bus.
  • RESPECT other students
  • No put downs or bullying
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • RESPECT your own safety
  • Stay in your seat - you're much safer when properly seated
  • Follow all safety procedures when getting on or off the bus - stay alert for other motorists.
  • If you drop something near the bus, leave it there - get an adult to help.
  • Important: If anyone or anything makes you feel threatened or unsafe on the bus or at the bus stop, always tell your driver, attendant, or another adult.

L’Anse Creuse Public Schools provides extensive training of the driving staff. Each new driver receives a total of 15 hours of classroom training and a minimum of thirty hours of on-the-road training before being allowed to drive students. Additionally, the State of Michigan provides 24 hours of beginning bus driver class work for all new drivers to receive credentials.

LCPS also provides additional advanced driver training. Training covers many topics related to driving safety, child behavior management, and health and well-being. Additionally, each driver is required to attend a State offered, six hour, training program every two years in order to maintain their credentials.

Contact Information

Larry F. Brender Support Services Center
24400 F. V. Pankow Blvd.
Clinton Twp. MI 48036-1306

Phone: (586) 783-6550
Fax: (586) 783-6558
Office Hours: 5:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday through Friday when school is in session.