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L'Anse Creuse High School 38495 L'Anse Creuse Road Harrison Township, MI 48045-3483 P: (586) 783-6400 F: (586) 783-6408

Welcome to LCHS

LCHS Mission

Our mission is to educate, build character and instill integrity in every student so they are able to make a seamless and successful transition to post-secondary education or employment and become productive members of this ever-changing global society.

LCHS Vision

Lancer Country is a community where all stakeholders are accepted, valued and respected as individuals. Stakeholders demonstrate the core beliefs of Learning, Community, Honor and Service daily in order to shape educational plans, actions and programs.

Dr. Major Mickens
Thomas Moss Jr
Associate Principal (Students A-L)
Rebecca Schroll-Riedel
Associate Principal (Students M-Z)
James Cowan Jr
Safety Officer
Ronald Martin II
Dean of Students
Ryann Stocker
Athletic Coordinator
Kristine DuChene
Counseling Secretary
Annette Holeton
Athletic Secretary
Mediha Ibranovic
Secretary to Thomas Moss Jr
Stacey Kopczyk
Secretary to Dr. Major E Mickens
Karen Nadolny
Media Clerk
Attendance Secretary
Cheryl Redinger
Records Clerk
Lisa Trombley
Secretary to Rebecca Schroll-Riedel
Barbara Witkowski


Daily Bell Schedule 


First Hour: 7:15 AM to 8: 53 AM
Second Hour: 8:59 AM to 10:37 AM
Third Hour: 10:43 AM to 1:05 PM

  • A Lunch: 10:43 AM to 11:26 AM
  • B Lunch: 11:32 AM to 12:16 PM
  • C Lunch: 12:22 PM to 1:05 PM


Fifth Hour: 7:15 AM to 8: 53 AM
Sixth Hour: 8:59 AM to 10:37 AM
Fourth Hour: 10:43 AM to 1:05 PM

  • A Lunch: 10:43 AM to 11:26 AM
  • B Lunch: 11:32 AM to 12:16 PM
  • C Lunch: 12:22 PM to 1:05 PM

Early release bell schedule

1st Class: 7:15 AM to 8:15 AM
2nd Class: 8:21 AM to 9:20 AM
3rd Class: 9:26 AM to 10:25 AM

Final Exam Bell Schedule

1st Final: 7:15 AM to 8:45 AM
2nd Final: 8:55 AM to 10:25 AM

If your student has failed or received no credit for a course, they have the option to take the Edmentum version of the class for credit recovery.  This opportunity is only available 2nd Semester of 2021.

If you would like to register your student, please access the LCHS Course Recovery Form.  The cost of the course is $157 and MUST be paid in advance through PaySchools.

  • All courses will be administered virtually through Edmentum Courseware.
  • Students may only take one (1) course at a time.  Additional courses may be registered after completion.
  • Recovery courses will be in addition to a student's 6-period day.
  • Students may only recover credit in courses they received a NC, INC or F grade.
  • Recovery courses may not be used for grade replacement.
  • Teachers will be unavailable April 2-11 for a prescheduled break.
  • All coursework MUST be completed by May 7, 2021

Course Request Forms For Virtual Students

Please select the link based on your current grade level.  These request forms are FOR VIRTUAL STUDENTS ONLY.

9th Grade Course Request Form

10th Grade Course Request Form

11th Grade Course Request Form

Instructions for parents or guardians

Please be sure to keep your email addresses up-to-date with the Main Office. LCHS sends SchoolMessenger emails every Friday with upcoming events, report cards, and important school and district communications. If you are not receiving these SchoolMessenger emails, please call Stacey Kopczyk at 586-783-6400 x 1210.