Rental Fee Schedule - JAPAC

  • Performing Arts Center Rental Fee - $ 250.00/hr.
  • Crew Time for Set-up *- $ 75.00/hr.
  • Custodial Daily and Saturday - $ 40.00/hr.
  • Custodial Sunday - $ 50.00/hr.
  • Dance Floor Rental (mandatory for any rental with dancing) - $ 30.00/rental
  • Mirror Ball Rental - $ 25.00/rental

*Crew Time for Set-up is for the Renter and a minimal amount of Associates may come in, at a reduced rate, to set-up the stage. The only way that we are able to give this rate is if we have a minimal amount of people in the building. The rate is under the discretion of the Auditorium Director.

There is a deposit required to reserve dates. The deposit for the Auditorium is $500.00, and it is due upon receipt of the application.