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student scheduling procedures

Beginning in February, students in grades 9th - 11th will begin the scheduling process for the next school year. This is an important process for a number of reasons.  We try our best to ensure that all students take courses that meet the State of Michigan (MME) guidelines for graduation.  Second, we would like to accommodate student interests by creating enough course offerings to satisfy the number of student course requests.

We highly encourage students and parents to read the course scheduling guidebook as well as talk with parents, teachers and students to determine which courses are best suitable for the student in the coming year.  Once courses are selected, it can be challenging to accommodate changes in requests due to staffing needs.  

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9th Grade Scheduling (Class of 2028)

9th Grade Course Selection
Advanced English
Honors Biology
AP Human Geography

10th grade scheduling (CLass of 2027)

10th Grade Course Selection

11th grade scheduling (CLass of 2026)

11th Grade Course Selection

12th grade scheduling (class of 2025)

12th Grade Course Selection

general information

There are many advanced placement (AP) classes offered at LCN.  All of the AP classes have course prerequisites that are required before signing into the course.  We encourage students and parents to talk to counselors and AP teachers to understand the specific course requirements, intended work load and class expectations.  AP classes are aligned to rigorous college-level standards.  The curriculum provided in the AP class is robust and intended to prepare the student for the AP Exam administered by the College Board in May.  

As in the past, students in grades 9 - 12 who successfully complete an AP course will have a 0.5 GPA enhancement for the course added to their transcript.  Beginning fall of 2018, students in grades 9 - 11 who receive a passing score (3 or greater) on their AP Exam will have an additional 0.5 GPA enhancement for the course added to their transcript.  

If you would like to see an example of the summer homework before requesting the course, please check out the Academics tab.

AP agreement

By requesting an AP course, the student and parent are committing to staying in the course for the entire duration.  Course requests largely determine staffing needs and will affect our course offerings in other departments.  We require all students and parents to sign an AP Enrollment agreement before requesting the AP course.  

AP Enrollment Agreement

Beginning in the Fall of 2018, successful completion of any core-content honors course will result in an additional 0.25 GPA enhancement. The GPA enhancement will be calculated automatically on the transcript and will not be reflected in course letter grade. The courses include: Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II, PreCalculus, Honors English 9, and Honors English 10.

Frederick V. Pankow Center homepage - The programs at the Pankow Center provide multiple opportunities for students by fostering talents, nurturing relationships, and preparing students to contribute and succeed in an ever-changing world

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Dear Parent/Guardian

We’re excited for you and your child as they schedule for 9th grade classes at L’Anse Creuse High School – North!  We are proud to offer four advanced-level core-courses for qualifying students.  If your child is interested in taking an advanced-level course, he/she must complete their portion of the recommendation form on the back and submit to their current core teacher.  Recommendation forms will be sent to High School – North  for review and will help in the selection process for our incoming students.  Upon acceptance, qualified students will receive a letter or email indicating that he/she is scheduled for the course. 

Information about Advanced-level Courses

Advanced-level courses (Honors or Advanced Placement) provide students with opportunities to engage in rigorous coursework and frequently extend beyond the expectations of the state standards.  Teachers will require that students have a firm grasp of prerequisite knowledge and skills learned in the prior grade.  Students in Honors courses are expected to be able to think and reason critically, work at an accelerated pace, demonstrate self-motivation, and interact responsibly with independent or collaborative tasks.

If you feel your child is a good fit for an advanced-level course, please complete the top portion of the Teacher Recommendation form and have your child submit to their teacher.

Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation!

Nicholas Ellul
Associate Principal
L’Anse Creuse High School – North
586-493-5270 ext 1211 

Honors Biology Recommendation Form
Honors English 9 Recommendation Form
AP Human Geography Recommendation Form

Students in 7th and 8th grade may take classes for high school graduation credit.  Available courses are Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Italian 1, and Algebra 1.  After completion of the courses, grades will appear on the student's high school transcript; however, grades will not calculate in the student's GPA.