Credit Recovery and Summer School

Credit Recovery Winter 2021

For a limited time beginning in January 2021, students will be able to recover credit through out online Edmentum Platform.  This form is the sign up to take an LCN recovery course during S2 of 2021.  All courses will be administered virtually through Edmentum Courseware.  Students may only take one course at a time.  Recovery courses will be in addition to a student's 6-period day.  Students may only recover credit in courses they received a NC, INC or F grade.  Recovery courses my not be used for grade replacement.  Recovery courses will be facilitated by a certified teacher in the corresponding content area.  All coursework must be completed by May 26, 2021.  Additional courses may be registered after completion.  Teachers will be unavailable during Feb 12-15 and April 2-11 for prescheduled breaks.  The cost of the course is $157 paid in advance through pay schools.  Please pay at