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If you are thinking about a possible career in the trades, the current opportunities are plentiful!  In addition to what is listed below, be sure to check out opportunities at Macomb Community College, their MAP+ program and M-TEC.  We will have more info in the fall, and most of what you will need to do will be during senior year, but check these out so you can begin to learn what is out there. 

  • MI Road 2 Work - Info on apprenticeships - the other 4 year degree.  Like to work with your hands? Want a good career you enjoy with zero debt? This site is worth checking out!  How to apply, requirements, and who to contact about apprenticeships in 24 different areas of work.

  • MUST Construction Careers - Info on apprenticeships in the trades - similar to the website above.  How to apply, requirements, and who to contact, plus job descriptions, videos in 23 different areas of work.

  • US Registered Apprenticeships - Explore careers and find training, as well as a job search tool in the trades.  This site also includes info for adult job seekers!  Sponsored by US Dept. of Labor. 

  • MIAT College of Technology - Local school with opportunities in aircraft maintenance, airframe and powerplant, HVAC, and energy programs, including wind energy.  Direct connections to Detroit Metro airport, and lots of good opportunities.  Short program completion times as compared to a University.  

  • US Dept. of Labor - Find opportunities for apprenticeships

Other helpful links that may provide information on this career path:

My Next Move

Macomb Community College


Dear Michigan Parent,

Your son or daughter is faced with considering career paths that could shape his or her future. Like many parents around Michigan, you may consider a four-year college program to be the best next step. With a wide variety of outstanding Michigan universities and four-year programs to choose from, it’s easy to understand.

Before you make any final decision, you should also consider all of the possibilities that can be found in today’s skilled trades. Well beyond its historic perception of simple physical labor, today’s skilled trades offer a variety of career paths that will both challenge and reward your son or daughter.

Career options could include becoming a programmer, a registered nurse, an operating engineer or even an industrial machinery mechanic. Like the thousands of career opportunities found at, today’s skilled trades offer more desirable careers in new and emerging fields.

And they can be pursued with varying levels of post-high school education and training, with many requiring less time and debt than a traditional four-year college program.
Plus, with approximately 15,000 new skilled trades openings expected every year in Michigan through 2024, and an annual median salary of over $51,000, your son or daughter could be starting a career and making good money in no time.

We encourage you to visit Going-PRO, and hope it’s part of a consideration process that leads to a very bright future.

Best Regards,
Roger Curtis
Director of the Department of Talent and Economic Development

Brian J. Whiston
State Superintendent