Performing Arts

All Performing Arts Courses Require Participation in All Performances Scheduled by the Instructor. Students who do not participate in regularly scheduled performances may not pass the course.


Current 8th grade students: see Theatre and Dance links to the left for Application and more information specific to each program.

Current HS students: see your counselor at the middle schools or contact the teachers by email. 
Acting-Mr. Trzaskoma,, Dance-Mrs. Thuman,

"Auditions are a subjective process no matter how objective anyone tries to make them.
Unfortunately, they are the best method we have for determining placement in a performing arts program.

Auditions are not the ultimate measure of talent. They are a measure of which students appear to perform a specific text or dance best at a specific time in front of a specific individual. Change the text, the time or the individual assessing the audition, and the result changes.

Our staff wants the best students they can find for their programs, so they spend a great deal of time reviewing audition videos and checking responses on the auditions forms to create the best mix of students possible for their classes. Every year the students in the program are re-evaluated, and some students are placed out of the program while others who were wait listed, are admitted.

If a student has been denied admittance into the program this year, and still wishes to pursue the performing arts, they are encouraged to take acting classes at their home schools and to actively participate in the after school drama/dance programs that their school offers. Many Pankow Performing Arts students were asked to apply for the program after appearing in one of their high school plays.

Every child has unique talents and we respect them and thank them for their interest and audition for the program. We sincerely hope that they continue to pursue their interest in the performing arts."