Honor Cords

Honor Cord Contacts
Cord Contact Email


Dena Mell mellde@lc-ps.org
Band Dan Griffith griffda@lc-ps.org
Business Josh Lamberti lambejo@lc-ps.org
Community Service Carol Hosler hosleca@lc-ps.org
Vocal Music (choir) Mitchell Osadchuk osadcmi@lc-ps.org
DECA Josh Lamberti lambejo@lc-ps.org
English Lisa Macomber macomli@lc-ps.org
Life Management Diane McDonald mcdondi@lc-ps.org
Link Crew Kelli O'Connell


Math Deana Patterson pattede@lc-ps.org
Mu Alpha Theta  Kayla Gramer grameka@lc-ps.org
Perfect Attendance Melissa Chase chaseme@lc-ps.org
Science Sara Strozewski strozsa@lc-ps.org
Social Studies Terry Ebury eburyte@lc-ps.org
Student Council  Rosa Hough houghro@lc-ps.org
World Language  Darrel Johnson johnsda@lc-ps.org


The criteria for earning honor cords can be found by clicking here. 

Honor Cord Colors

  • Art ~ Light Green
  • Band ~ Dark Green
  • Business ~ Royal Blue
  • English ~ White
  • DECA ~ Blue/white
  • Life Management ~ Teal
  • Link Crew ~ Red & Black
  • Mathematics ~ Purple
  • Mu Alpha Theta ~ Purple & Gold
  • National Art Honor Society ~ Rainbow
  • Perfect Attendance ~ Black/Gold
  • Science ~ Burgundy
  • Social Studies ~ Navy Blue
  • Student Council ~ Silver
  • Vocal Music ~ Pink
  • World Language ~ Red
  • Community Service Cord~ Red, White & Blue - Over 80 Hours Are Required