AP Testing

ap exam registration & payment 2023-2024

Both steps must be completed for students to take an AP Exam!

Step 1:  Register for the test on College Board by joining the AP class.

The College Board requires that all students register for their AP exams in the fall at www.myap.collegeboard.org.  If you have not done so, create an account using your personal email address and register for your AP class/exam. You must do this by November 2, 2023. If you do not “join” your AP class by November 2, 2023 and want to take the exam, you will be charged a $40 late fee.  Please ask your AP teacher for the join code, so that you can get a test ordered.  

Step 2:  Make the payment on Total Registration.

From September 25 – November 2, 2023, you will either pay a deposit or pay in full for the AP exam(s) that you have registered to take.  Online registration begins on September 25, 2025. Go to the website www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/232653 to create your account if you do not have one, verify the AP exams that you will be taking, and make the payment. Be sure to use YOUR personal email (same as College Board), as that will be used to send important information about the exam. Communication may be sent out via text as well. If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, please request approval for the reduced fee on the Total Registration website.  Ms. Camaj will verify your eligibility. Please be sure all information is accurate before you pay.


$102 per exam – regular exams

Late fee - $40 if registered after November 2, 2023


If you have questions about registering for the AP exam and/or paying for the exam, please contact Mrs. Camaj (camajta@lc-ps.org ) or Mrs. Kelly (kellyda@lc-ps.org) in the counseling office.

Course Syllabi and Teacher Information

Subject Teacher

Grade Level

AP Language and Composition Melissa Scapini

11, 12

AP Literature Kitty Reifert


AP Calculus AB Kayla Gramer 12
MST  - Calculus AB  Jim Nuechterlein  
MST - Calculus BC AnnMarie Duncan  
Statistics  John Pizzo  
MST - Statistics  Laurie Ferrari  
AP Biology Aimee Cesarz 10, 11, 12
MST Biology Chandler Missig & Jim Nuechterlein  
AP Chemistry Sara Strozewski 11, 12
MST Chemistry  Allison Garmo  
AP Physics 1 Carrie Zaitz 10, 11, 12
MST Physics C Rhonda Diliberti  
AP Spanish Language Darrel Johnson 12
AP U.S. History Dawn Hannawi

10, 11, 12

AP Government and Politics Scott Boice 10, 11, 12
AP Economics Mike Lynch 10, 11, 12
AP World History Terry Ebury 11, 12
AP Human Geography Dan Pardi 9, 10, 11, 12
AP Psychology Becky Lammers 11, 12
Not Available