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AP Exam Registration & Payment 2021-2022

Both steps must be completed for students to take an AP Exam! 

Step 1:  Registration/Ordering a test from CB at myap.collegeboard.org

The College Board requires that all students register for their AP exams in the fall at myap.collegeboard.org.  Please use your personal email address to register. You must do this by November 1, 2021. If you do not “join” your AP class by November 1, 2021 and want to take the exam, you will be charged a $40 late fee.  Please ask your teacher for the join code for your class so that you can get a test ordered.  

Step 2:  Payment at www.TotalRegistration.net/AP/232653

From September 20 – November 1, 2021, you will either pay a deposit or pay in full for the AP exam(s) that you have registered to take.  Online registration begins on Monday, September 20, 2021. Unfortunately, the CollegeBoard does not accept payments on their website.  LCN will now be using the payment processing website Total Registration rather than PaySchools. Go to the website www.totalregistration.net/AP/232653 to create your account, verify the AP exams that you will be taking, and make the payment.


$100 per exam – regular exams

Late fee - $40 if registered after November 1, 2021

If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, please request approval for the reduced fee on the Total Registration website.  Ms. Camaj will verify your eligibility.


If you have questions about registering for the AP exam and/or paying for the exam, please contact Ms. Camaj (camajta@lc-ps.org ) or Mr. Hacker (hackejo@lc-ps.org) in the counseling office.

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Social Studies

Not available for 2021-2022