Policies, Procedures, Forms

Electronic communication devices such as cell phones, tablets, smart watches, computers, etc., are devices that are able to communicate with other devices and take/send pictures or videos.  With the advancement of technology, there can be significant educational benefits from using electronic communication devices.  Electronic devices can also be a distraction that can interfere with the learning process.  The purpose of this policy is to identify an appropriate time and place to use electronic devices at L’Anse Creuse High School – North. 

Please note that there are specific locations (such as a locker room or bathroom) in the building where electronic communication devices are prohibited at all times.  It will be up to the teacher to determine if and when a electronic communication device is permitted.  

Electronic Devices

High School North Students:  Parents or Guardians should call 586-493-5270 and press 5 to report a student’s absence to High School North.

Pankow Students: Please also call 586-783-6570 and press 5 to report.

Leave the following information on the recording:

  • Student’s full name (PLEASE spell the last name)
  • The day and date of the absence
  • If it is the whole day, or if they are arriving late and what time they will arrive
  • The reason for the absence
  • Your name
  • A contact phone number if there are questions

Please give the attendance clerk 48 hours to make correct the attendance.  When a phone call is made, we make every effort to get the students attendance marked the same day. Due to extenuating factors, or excessive absenteeism on a particular day, sometimes that doesn’t happen. NOTE: You can call in a student’s absence even if it is for a future date as soon as you know when your student will be absent. You do not need to wait until the day before or the day of to call a student out. Especially around holidays when absences are excessive, phone calls ahead of schedule make the attendance process that much easier and more accurate.

Tardies:  Tardies are not excusable per district policy.

Calling in:  When a student is called in, if they have classes in another building, such as Pankow, each building has their own attendance clerk. You must call both locations to call your student out.

Signing out:  Students must sign in with the receptionist in the commons upon entering the building. A sign in without a parent signature will not be excused. A parent’s signature on the sign in sheet or a call in to the attendance line is required to excuse the student’s absence.

Signing out:  When a student is called out, they must exit through the main doors of the school. When they get to the Commons, there is a sign out sheet that the student MUST sign in order to have their attendance corrected accordingly. Failure to properly sign out could result in the student’s absence marked as UNX (unexcused). Without a sign out there is no record of what time the student left and why. Students must then sign in even if leaving and then returning for security measures.

Student Activities:  Student activities do not need to have a parent call in to excuse them. Teachers and athletics will normally send over a list of students that will be out of the building for the day over to the attendance office. Sometimes the time of year affects larger field trips or larger sporting events and can take up to 48 hours to completely correct in PowerSchool. If you notice after 48 hours your student was not marked for a student activity, then contact the corresponding attendance clerk to make the necessary changes. 

Other absences with documentation:  In order for a student’s absence to be marked as MED (Medical) or DOC (Documented), an official note from a medical doctor or dentist, a note from a funeral home (immediate family only) or court, for example, should be submitted to the attendance clerk.


L’Anse Creuse Public Schools believe that regular and punctual attendance is essential to successful learning experiences.  It is understood that circumstances arise throughout the course of the school year that prevent a student from attending school.  However, absences should be kept to an absolute minimum.  The procedures outlined below underscore the balance between reasonable and excessive student absenteeism and tardiness. Our overall goal is to encourage positive student attendance, while holding students accountable and maintaining consequences for missed instructional time. 

Attendance Policy

Absences that Count Against the Balance:

Unverified Absence (UNV)

  • An absence that is not excused by a parent/guardian call within two (2) days following the absence.
  • Leaving the building without prior permission from a parent/guardian call to the office.

Verified Absence (VER)

  • An absence excused by parent notification to the school within two (2) days of the absence.

Family Vacation - Trip (TRP)

  • Absences due to family vacations will count against the student’s absence balance.


Procedures for Excessive Absenteeism

To discourage excessive student absenteeism, procedures have been developed to address consequences for excessive excused and unexcused absences.  The procedures include the cumulative total of excused and unexcused absences in any one class, per semester. 

  1. Parents will be notified via Parent Portal, School Messenger, email or US Mail when a student accumulates 5 absences (UNV, VER, TRP) in any one class per semester.
  2. Parents will be notified via Parent Portal, School Messenger, email or US Mail when a student accumulates 9 absences (UNV, VER, TRP) in any one class per semester.
  3. Parents will be notified via Parent Portal, School Messenger, email or US Mail when a student accumulates 11 or more absences (UNV, VER, TRP) in any one class per semester.

If a student accumulates more than 10 absences the student’s credits will be held in suspension.  The student will remain in the class for the semester and complete all assignments, quizzes and exams, but receive a grade of No Credit (NC).  If the student improves his or her attendance during the NEXT semester and accumulates less than 11 UNV/VER absences in EVERY class, the NC will be changed to the earned grade of the student.  Please note if a student earned an F in the class that will be the grade awarded regardless of the attendance change. 

Procedures for Excessive Tardiness

A student tardy is defined as a student that is not present in his or her assigned classroom before the tardy bell.  Every 3rd Tardy in a particular class will count as an absence.  Accumulating more than 10 absences (VER/UNV) will result in credit suspension for the term.  Students will need to follow the attendance appeal procedure to recover the suspended credit.  

Appeal Process

The appeal process that may be followed by students after receiving a No Credit (NC) for accumulating eleven (11) or more absences and/or tardies in a class during a semester.  It will proceed as follows:

  1. A loss of credit letter and appeal form will be sent to all parents/guardians of students who will have credit suspended due to excessive absences.
  2. The parent/guardian can assist the student in completing the appeal form to correct errors or provide documentation that may be missing from the student’s attendance record or a reason for extenuating circumstances.
  3. The associate principal will review the applications and determine if credit will be immediately reinstated or if the student will need to improve their attendance the following semester to have the credit reinstated.
  4. The parent/guardian may schedule a meeting with the associate principal.
  5. The parent/guardian may appeal the decision to the principal.

Exemptions to Excessive Student Absenteeism/Tardy Procedures

The following excused absences are considered exempt from the policy outlined above provided that proper documentation is submitted for each exempted within 2 days of a student’s return to school. 

Exempt from Absence Balance:

  1.  Medical Condition (MED) documented by a physician
  2. College Visits (DOC)  documentation must be provided
  3. Court Appearances (DOC)
  4. School Business (SB)
  5. Observation of a Religious Holiday (DOC)
  6. Funerals (DOC)
  7. Homebound Students/IEP or 504 Plan (HB)
  8. Student Suspensions/Expulsions (AHS or IHS)
  9. Youth Home (YH)
  10. Online Learning Day (OL)

Not Exempt from Absence Balance

  1. Excused (EX)
  2. Unexcused (UNX)
  3. Tardy over 10 minutes (T10)
  4. Family Vacation – Trip (TRP)

We are excited to announce that all parking spaces will be reserved parking this year.  Only juniors and seniors with a valid driver’s license are permitted to purchase a parking permit.  Only seniors are permitted to purchase a painted parking space.  Parking permits are $35 for the school year.  Painted parking spaces are $70 and include the parking permit.  

To complete the registration, you will need your driver’s license, registration card, insurance card, and payment card.  You may only register two (2) family vehicles for your parking space (i.e. your car and mom’s car if needed). Please check with friends prior to purchasing to arrange parking locations.  There are no refunds on purchased spaces.   

Prior to purchasing a permit, please read through the parking permit expectations.  You will have to agree to these expectations at the end of your purchase.  If you are purchasing a painted parking space, you will also need to read and agree to the painting rules and procedures.  


How to purchase your parking permit

Please follow these steps to purchase your parking permit.

  1. Please view the Parking Map prior to selecting your parking space.  Painted parking spaces are available for Seniors to purchase and are highlighted in yellow.
  2. Reserve your Painted Parking Permit (Seniors Only) or Non-Painted Parking Permit (Juniors and Seniors).
  3. Parking Permits payments can be made on SchoolPay (online payments end Monday, August 21st) and cash payments can be made on Crusader Day.  Please note that non-painted parking permits are $35.00.  Painted parking permits are $70.00.  
  4. Complete the Parking Permit Application.  Please bring the completed application to Crusader Day along with the the vehicle's registration and insurance and student driver's license.