AP / Honors Classes

AP / Honor Classes 2021-2022 by Department

​--IF you add an AP class over the summer, you MUST email the appropriate teacher to let them know you have added their class!

AP English Language

AP English Literature

Honors English 10 

AP Calculus AB

MST Teacher:  Laurie Ferrari

  • AP MST Calculus AB  - No Summer Work

LCN Teacher:  Kayla Gramer - 

AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics & Probability

MST Teacher: Laurie Ferrari

  • AP MST Statistics - No Summer Work

LCN Teacher:  John Pizzo

  •  No Summer Work

AP Biology

MST Teacher:  Chandler Missig

LCN Teacher:  Aimee Cesarz

AP Chemistry

MST Teacher:  Allison Garmo

LCN Teacher:  Sara Strozewski

AP Physics

LCN Teacher: Carrie Zaitz - 

AP Physics C

MST Teacher:  Rhonda Diliberti

  • AP MST Physics C - No Summer Work

AP Environmental Science

AP U.S. History

  • Teacher:  Dawn Hannawi
  •  Not available during the 2021-2022 School Year.

AP Government

AP Microeconomics

  • Teacher:  Mike Lynch
  • AP MicroEcon - No Summer Work

AP Macroeconomics

  • Teacher:  Mike Lynch
  • AP MacroEcon - No Summer Work

AP World History

Teacher:  Terry Ebury

AP Human Geography

  • Teacher:  Dan Pardi
  • AP Human Geography - No Summer Work

AP Psychology

AP Spanish Language & Culture