Parent/Family Community Resources - LCHS North

L'Anse Creuse High School North cannot recommend or endorse any one particular program for you or your family. Please use this site as a list of resources in our community and do your research wisely before choosing one to meet your needs. There may be fees involved with some of these programs.

Macomb County Connections provides a wide range of services and supports for families in the area.  

Community Assessment Referral and Education - Personal & Family support, substance abuse help, employee assistance.

Macomb Family Services - Adolescent Outreach Program.  Licensed therapists work closely with middle- and high-school counselors to target high-risk youth, identify barriers to success and through six individual counseling sessions, help them reclaim their power. Click on the link for more information or you can also contact your school counselor.

Macomb County Community Mental Health - Commonwealth is a public service provided by Macomb County Community Mental Health, Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority, and Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority and maintained and updated by the Commonwealth collaborative.