PA Acting Course

PA Acting courses will build the foundation for acting beginning with a brief theatre history, terminology, vocal exercises, body exercises, improvisations, speeches, monologues, scenes, commercials on camera and culminating with a full performance in the spring. Students will also learn basic skills for a successful photo shoot with a professional photographer in order to produce an appropriate headshot for an acting resume. Since theatre is a communal effort, teamwork, listening skills, and the ability to take direction are necessary for successful productions. Additionally, there are special guest speakers, field trip(s), and other related activities.

At least one major production will be held in the John Armstrong Performing Arts Center.

Black Box Theatre

Additionally there will be black box theatre presentations in a smaller more intimate theatre setting. Performance and participation in these activities can lead to Thespian membership in our elite troupe where students are exposed to theatre activities across the state and nationally. Students will also be exposed to technical elements of both theatre and film to better prepare them for possible career opportunities in front of and behind the scenes within the performing arts.

Auditions and Requirements

Teamwork, listening skills, ability to take direction, and other attributes necessary for successful productions as well as preparation for possible artistic careers will be emphasized and expected.

All PA Acting Classes require an audition for admission into the program. PA Acting Classes are taught in a 2 period block with a grade appropriate English class. For detailed information regarding auditions, English curriculum, and the Acting Curriculum for each grade level, please click on the links in the upper right corner of this web page.

All Performing Arts Courses Require Participation in All Performances Scheduled by the Instructor. Students who do not participate in regularly scheduled performances may not pass the course.