English: Broadcast Journalism

English: Broadcast Journalism
Grades 10-12
Credit: 2.0/year

This course is offered on a “block” schedule (two class periods) for two semesters.
Prerequisite: Successful completion of TV and Broadcast Media AND teacher recommendation.
In TV & Broadcast Media, students work closely with the instructor to learn all about planning, filming and editing productions.  In this course, students work independently, with limited coaching by the instructor, to create their own studio productions based on stories involving: school events, sports, food, entertainment, medicine, education, as well as local, national, and international news.  Students focus on researching subjects in their area of interest, interviewing experts in that area, and creating properly packaged stories for network news editing them in Adobe Premiere Pro.  Students often produce these news packages for PBS Student Reporting Labs and the LCPS-TV News Show “CreuseLine.”  This is a writing course that offers students a unique way to publish their work for 21st century consumers.