Scholarship Opportunities - Pankow

Each year in March, the Frederick V. Pankow Center offers scholarship opportunities for SENIOR students who attend the Pankow Center, and or who are specifically in Career and Technical Education programs.  Applications and current Pankow scholarship offerings will be made available to senior students in the Second semester through their Pankow Center class, or click the links below. 

The Pankow Center scholarship process will open February 24, 2020.  THE DEADLINE FOR ALL FREDERICK V. PANKOW CENTER SCHOLARSHIPS IS MARCH 27, 2020.

Pankow Center scholarship winners will receive an invitation in April via US mail to attend the Pankow Center Honors Night Ceremony held each May  from 6:30- 8:00 pm.   

All Pankow Center Scholarships require at least two references or recommendations; one from a LCPS staff member, and one from a NON-Relative Adult.  It is the students' responsibility to ask for, and obtain a reference.  Staff members may use the form below.  References outside the district may provide a typed letter of reference.

TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM-For L'Anse Creuse Public Schools staff only.  Completed forms may be emailed to:  Mrs. Geikas-Los or sent in an envelope inter-office mail to The Pankow Center, Room 301.

The following scholarships are open in the second semester to Senior Career & Technical Education Students at the Pankow Center.  Please read instructions for each carefully:

1. Frederick V. Pankow Center Career & Technical Education Scholarship Packet-General.  Submit completed application to Room 301 of the Pankow Center.

2. Frederick V. Pankow Outstanding Senior Scholarship.   Available to any Senior Pankow student (Minimum 3.0 GPA).   Submit completed application to Room 301 of the Pankow Center.

3. Selfridge Chesterfield Lions Community Service Scholarship.  Available to any senior student of the L'Anse Creuse School District.   Submit completed application to Room 301 of the Pankow Center.

4. Glen Peters Memorial Scholarship Criteria for Selection - Available to L'Anse Creuse School District CTE Seniors only.


                 APPLY HERE to the Glen Peters Memorial CTE Scholarship

State and Local Scholarship Opportunities

You can also login to Career Cruising and complete a scholarship and financial aide eligibility questionnaire:

Career Cruising - Is a great website for finding everything you need to know about careers; research job descriptions/conditions, wages, education and earnings, career outlook, colleges, scholarship and financial aide information and eligibility.

Each student username is: lcps-first initial, last name, last 3 digits on your student ID number

Your Password format is:  Your school student ID number, (no letters)

The Pankow Center Senior Honors Night - May 26, 2020 6:30 PM

The Pankow Center will award Scholarships to winners at this event!

Due to the recent school closing, Please complete your Pankow Center Scholarship Application and return it the first day we return back to school.  

The completed TEACHER RECOMMENDATION FORM and copy of your Transcript can be emailed to .

Please remember, it is the students' responsibility to obtain two references from teachers and a non-relative adult.