Performing Arts FAQs


Are Performing Arts courses a full year or a semester?

All Performing Arts courses are Full Year courses.

Is Acting considered an English credit?

All Acting classes at Pankow are combined with a college prep English class.  The student receives two separate grades in this course.  One grade is for English and the other is for Acting.  

Will a dance class fulfill the Physical Education requirement?

Yes.   Dance will fulfill the 1/2 credit physical education requirement for graduation. However, all students must take a health course as well.

How much dance experience do I need to take a dance class at the Pankow Center?

Beginner dancers should sign up for Dance I, Dance for Beginners.  Intermediate and Advanced dancers should sign up for either Dance II or Dance III.

Can a student take more than one Pankow Performing Arts Course?

Yes.  All of the performing arts courses are able to fulfill or waive one or more of the high school graduation requirements.  How that can work will vary from student to student, based on their course history, plan, and goals.  Contact your counselor for more information.