Pankow Center Activities / Clubs

Student Activities

Enrollment and completion of courses of study is a primary function of a student.  However, when acquiring an education, other activities related to the coursework can provide tangible evidence of interest and initiative. To that end, staff and administration at the Frederick V. Pankow Center encourages all of its students to participate in clubs and associations directly related to their course of study;  to share those experiences with other students and to be proud when challenges are met and goals are achieved.

The following clubs and associations are available to students enrolled
at the Pankow Center

Career and Technical Education

Performing Arts

  • Michigan Dance Council - Michigan Youth Arts Festival 
  • International Thespian Society - Acting and Technical Theater Association for High School Students to recognize excellence in high school theater
  • Courageous Persuaders - High School students contribute films to educate middle school students on the dangers of alcohol abuse and compete for scholarships.
  • Orchard Lake Film Festival - Competition among high school film makers in the tri-county area.
  • Meijer Healthy Choices Film Festival - Students film Public Service Announcements to educate Michigan youth on making healthy choices and compete for thousands of dollars.