Intro to Computer Programming and Game Design

Credit 2.0/year
Grades 10 - 11 – 12

Recommended courses: Two years English and Math.  As technology evolves and video gaming becomes a more prevalent form of entertainment, more creative video game designers are becoming necessary in the workforce. This course is designed to provide students with the fundamental understanding of the Visual C# programming language. It will be covering logic, syntax, input/output layout, testing, database interaction, debugging and documentation with a heavy emphasis on problem solving. The bulk of the programming will be done with an emphasis on video game design. Students will learn how to interact with their customers or superiors, design and test simple puzzle games to more complex adventure type games. This course will cover everything from design to coding and finally testing. Any student is welcome, whether they have previous programming experience or not. The program will start with the basics and work up from there.

NOTE: Successful completion of this course fulfills the high school graduation requirement for a credit in Visual, Performing or Applied Arts.

Externship eligible program
Available only at the Pankow Center