Mechanical Drafting

• 7711 / 7712: Mechanical Drafting
Grades 10-12
Credit: 2.0/year

Note: This course is offered on a “block” schedule (two class periods) for two semesters. This course covers mechanical design techniques through 2D and 3D modeling software. Students learn how to design parts, build assemblies, layout engineering drawings and 3D print models. The manufacturing unit includes CAD CAM simulation, CNC router use and FEA stress analysis. Solidworks is the primary platform with multiple certifications available. AutoCAD, Inventor and Fusion360 are also taught. End of the year projects allow for the combination of skill sets and/or an exploration of architectural and construction design modeling in Revit. Students interested in engineering, manufacturing, product development or other related careers should take this course. This course counts as a senior level math credit. Year 2 of this course may be available pending successful completion of Year 1 (2.0 or higher) AND have an approved Year 2 Plan on file.