Health Occupations

Health Occupations
Grades 10-12
Credit: 2.0/year

This course is offered on a “block” schedule (two class periods) for two semesters.
Prerequisite: Biology.
**Student not eligible to take if they have successfully completed Sports Medicine PT/OT. Health Occupations provides students with transferable skills to help meet the needs of the healthcare industry.  This course is designed to help students explore the health care field and the variety of related careers that are available.  Students will be introduced to human anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and abbreviations, communication skills, ethical and legal responsibility, infection control, safety, career planning and employability skills.  Students will earn an American Heart Association First Aid and CPR certification and EKG Technician (CET) credential if they meet the requirements.  A two-week study of forensic science is also covered.  Year 2 of this course (Medical Assisting) may be available pending successful completion of Year 1 (2.0 or higher) AND have an approved Year 2 Plan on file.