Early Childhood Education

  • Course Number 9092
  • 10th, 11th and 12th Grade
  • 2 hour block /2.0 credits  
  • 2 year program  (*2nd year are Q students with teacher permission only)


An interest in teaching children and exploring the field of education.

Recommended Courses:  Child Development, 2 years English, Math and Science.

Course Description

This course provides work based training opportunities for all students.  One work based learning opportunity is that students will work in our licensed "Teens for Tots" Preschool with approximately 20/25 preschool children (ages 3 1/2 to 5 years) from the surrounding community. Students act as "Student Teachers" in work based training developing and performing age appropriate lessons with the preschool children. Students who take this course are also eligible to be part of a Career and Technical Student organization entitled the Future Teachers Club.

Course Objectives

To teach high school students the Education/Early Childhood curriculum and to provide work based learning opportunities.

Students in this course learn about:

  • Creating a safe and healthy environment for young children
  • ​How to provide meaningful learning experiences for children
  • Guiding Children socially and emotionally
  • Early Childhood Development & Theories and practices
  • Career Opportunities in Education/Early Childhood
  • Running a Licensed Preschool

Note:  Students will compile a professional portfolio to use in college or employment. (Students can work toward obtaining their CDA credential and continue their CDA portfolio at the college level.)

*Successful completion of this course full fills the high school graduation requirement for:

  • Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts Credit
  • Math Related Credit as a Senior
  • Students successfully completing the course requirements and earning a C or better in this course will receive a "Skills Certificate"

*Externship eligible program – Articulation agreements available with: Oakland University, Macomb and Baker College

 Early Childhood video