South Counseling Office

MSS Counseling Department

I would like to acquaint you with the services available through the Counseling Department here at Middle School-South.  In addition to individual counseling, classroom guidance/presentations and parent consultation, structured group sessions that deal with specific concerns may be offered depending on the interest of the students.  Topics may include getting along with others, building/keeping relationships, decision making, communicating in the family, and handling peer pressure.  While not therapy sessions, these educational support groups can be an excellent way for students to learn new skills, develop self-confidence, practice new behaviors, and better understand how to deal with many situations life presents.

The group sessions will meet during the school day and are available to all Middle School-South students.  Each group will meet for one hour per week over a five to eight week period, depending on the topic and/or needs of the group.  Scheduled session times will be rotated weekly.  Students will be responsible for makeup of all assignments while out of the classroom.  These educational support groups will be offered throughout the school year.  All information shared will be treated confidentially and respectfully.

Information regarding educational support groups being offered will be made available to the students in September through classroom presentations and the announcements. I encourage you to call/e-mail at anytime.  I look forward to working with you this school year. 

Ms. Julie Miller MA, LPC
Counselor MS-SOUTH                                           
586.493.5620 (X) 1116

Preparing for High School

Pankow Center

Frederick V. Pankow Center homepage - The programs at the Pankow Center provide multiple opportunities for students by fostering talents, nurturing relationships, and preparing students to contribute and succeed in an ever-changing world

Videos about Pankow classes

Pankow Center Offerings

Career and Technical Education - The L'Anse Creuse Public Schools provides all students in our two high schools with opportunities to make informed decisions about their future. The Frederick V. Pankow Center provides Career and Technical Education programs that are designed to provide a pathway to their career goal

MST Program Math/Science/Technology - Our Math/Science/Technology Center offers advanced courses in mathematics and science, with technology integrated across all courses. In addition, students attending the Pankow Center may engage in focused, extra-curricular opportunities that provide authentic learning experiences. Technology is integrated into each course offered at the Pankow Center in various degrees with the intention of providing a real-world experience for students. State-of-the-art biology, chemistry and physics labs, along with other scientific and technology equipment, are available as we prepare students for our fast-paced, changing world.

Performing Arts - Acting, Dance and TV and Broadcast Media


Everyone has a career dream

Follow the links below to find useful real-world career information.

Xello - Great website for looking up job descriptions, job outlook, college and related information. Please click on the attached 2-page flyer for information about Xello and login information.  See your high school counselor for usernames and passwords or e-mail

L'Anse Creuse Career Resource Center - The Career Resource Center provides integral services and resources to support career development activities within L'Anse Creuse Public Schools