Parent Information - South

Athlete’s MUST have a completed physical on file before participation in any practices or games. Physicals completed after 4/15 of the previous school year are considered current.

Expected Communication From the Coach

  • Coach’s philosophy
  • Team rules and expectations in writing
  • Location and times of all practices and games
  • Special equipment needs
  • Emergency action plan in the case of athlete being injured
  • Explanation of any special league rules

Communication Coaches Expect

  • Advance notice of schedule conflicts
  • Notification of any special medical concerns regarding your child i.e. asthma
  • Emergency phone numbers and/or other contact information
  • Personally inform and sign out your child with the coach when you will be taking your child from away contests
  • Express specific concerns directly with your child’s coach
  • If you need to discuss a specific concern with a coach, please schedule an appropriate time for you to meet

Appropriate Issues to Discuss

  • Ways to help your child improve
  • Concerns regarding your child’s behavior, effort, health, or academic progress
  • Mental or physical treatment of your child

Inappropriate Issues to Discuss

  • Game strategy or play calling
  • Other student/athletes
  • Playing time-It is very difficult to accept when your child does not play as much as you may hope. Coaches must make judgment decisions based on what they believe to be the best interests of all athletes on the team. There are specific league rules that  dictate minimum playing time for athletes.

Travel/Transportation Policy

  • Due to one way bussing to away games, all students need to arrange a ride home and have a  parent personally sign out their child directly with the coach.
  • No student/athlete shall leave with another student’s parents unless that child has written permission to do so from his/her parents