Lancer Volleyball

We are in the process of hiring 2 new coaches at this time. We apologize for the delay in tryouts.  

Tryout Schedule (15 Girls will be kept for each grade level)

7th Grade: 9/12, 9/13 Time is TBD

8th Grade: 9/12, 9/13 Time is TBD

Please contact the Athletic Director or coaches with any questions you may have:

Athletic Director: Evan Chalk

2022-2023 Lancer volleyball Match Schedule

DATE                                    OPPONENT                   LOCATION

9/22/22                           Wyandot MS                  HOME

9/26/22                           Richards MS                  AWAY

9/29/22                           Romeo 2                        HOME       

10/6/22                           Romeo 1                        AWAY

10/10/22                        Iroquois                          AWAY

10/13/22                        AB North                       HOME

10/17/22                        AB South                       AWAY

10/20/22                        Algonquin                      HOME

10/24/22                        Seneca                            AWAY

10/29/22**                     LC Tournament**      8th @MSN/7th @MSC**

**Details for the tournament will be given when the season starts.