L'Anse Creuse Middle School - Central Academics

About L'Anse Creuse Middle School - Central

Middle School-Central is a school full of pride.  In 1994, we were recognized as a National Exemplary School.  Students and teachers achieve and excel at high levels and are regularly recognized for their outstanding accomplishments.

Middle School-Central provides a developmentally appropriate, rich academic environment that assists students in meeting rigorous academic standards.  High expectations for all students are coupled with developing lifelong, self-directed learners.
Middle School - Central students learn to think critically, lead a healthy life, behave ethically and lawfully, and assume the responsibility of citizenship in our society.  As a school, we create an environment that accepts and respects the diversity of all learners.

Middle School-Central also strives to meet the social and emotional needs of students.  Our school offers after-school activities and programs for students to develop and expand their interests.  A daily academic support class provides the students with opportunities to get help with their classes.  Counselors and social workers conduct a variety of groups to meet the unique needs of our students:  anger groups, divorce groups, groups for students who have experienced a death in the family, new student groups, ADD student groups, etc.  Counselors also meet daily with individual students experiencing learning problems, depression and social problems.

Our teachers and administrators participate in continued professional development to deepen their own knowledge and improve instructional practice.  Conference attendance, building in-services, reflection and sharing of practices in department meetings, and reading professional journals and books are a few of the activities staff members engage in to provide a quality, research-based program. 

Middle School-Central welcomes families as partners in their child’s education.  We believe that families and schools must be allied through trust and respect if young adolescents are to succeed in school.  Parents are their child’s first and most important teachers.  They can have the biggest impact on student achievement.  We encourage and invite parent involvement at home and at school. 

The Middle School-Central program is designed to ensure our students have the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve success in an ever-changing society.  All stakeholders in our school are inspired daily by our vision for excellence.  We are proud of our school!