East MS Academics

Celebration of excellence

The Celebration of Excellence is designed to recognize the outstanding academic performance of the middle school students in L’Anse Creuse. Each spring, the students in each grade, with a 3.7 GPA or higher, are honored at a "Celebration of Excellence". Students are selected based on their cumulative grade point average from the first three marking periods of the school year. We look forward to celebrating the academic achievements of our outstanding middle school scholars.


Citizenship is the quality of an individual's response to membership in our school community. We strive for all students to be excellent models of character in the school setting. We use citizenship scores to determine if students are eligible for school sports, assemblies, or field trips. We utilize the scale below:

O= Outstanding

G = Good

A = Average

N = Needs Improvement

U= Unacceptable 

Students who do not meet the citizenship standards may be subject to removal from field trips of after school activities. 

National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society is composed of those eighth grade students who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship, leadership, citizenship, character, and service. 

Students are eligible for membership consideration during the second semester of their seventh grade year. To be eligible for consideration into this society, a student must have a high scholastic average of a 3.4 or higher GPA for both the 1st and 2nd quarter of their 7th grade year. This scholastic average must be maintained through 8th grade. This, however, is only one element of consideration. 

In addition, membership is based on citizenship, leadership, service, and character. These are the cornerstones of membership in the National Junior Honor Society. The purpose of this society is to promote these five ideals. Therefore, students must earn Middle School East Citizenship marks of all O’s and/or G’s in coordination with the required GOA. The seventh grade students, who qualify, are inducted into the society during a special ceremony each spring.

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