Lobbestael Elementary

The History of Lobbestael Elementary

The name for our school was chosen to honor Miss Emma V. Lobbestael, a dedicated employee of the L'Anse Creuse Public Schools district.

"Miss Emma" as she was fondly known to many L'Anse Creuse boys and girls, began her career in 1942 as a cook and part-time custodian at the Green Elementary school. She was named Food Service Supervisor of the L'Anse Creuse Schools in 1968.

It was said by Abraham Lincoln that, "God must have loved the common people best, for he made so many of them." Perhaps, in knowing Miss Emma Lobbestael, we came to understand that those who are best loved are also distinguished in that they have given of themselves in the service of others. So infrequently do we have the opportunity to recognize their deeds.

Safety and Security

Walkers and Bikers

  • Students who walk or ride a bicycle to school must have a signed permission slip on file in the office.
  • Students walking to and from school are to stay on the sidewalks at all times. (Do not cross through the parking lots or cross the driveways.
  • Students who cross Jefferson are to cross with the crossing guard.
  • Students should not walk or ride a bike across 16-Mile/Metro Parkway.
  • Roller blades must be removed as students arrive on school property.
  • Roller blades are not to be worn inside of the school building.
  • Bicyclists and rollerbladers should wear the proper safety equipment including helmets, and pads.
  • Bicyclists and rollerbladers must wait until all busses have departed before riding or rolling.

Parents, grandparents, older siblings, or others who are dropping off or picking up children are asked to follow these safety guidelines:

Morning Drop Off 

  • If you arrive between 8:45 and 8:50 a.m. you may drop your child at the curb in the north (Prentiss St.) parking lot. Please do not park along the curb.
  • Follow the arrows and stay in a single file.
  • Do not allow a child to depart from a vehicle unless he/she will be stepping immediately onto the sidewalk.
  • If you arrive after 8:50 a.m. (after the teachers have walked the children into the building) park your car in the Prentiss St. parking lot and walk your child into the building through the front door. If it is later than 8:55 a.m. he/she will be considered tardy and be given a late pass in the office.
  • Do not drop a child off and then drive away. Make sure that he/she is within sight of an adult.
  • Rainy Days: Children are to enter the building at their regular entrance beginning at 8:45 a.m. Follow the same procedures for drop off. Do not drive in the bus lane.

Afternoon Pickup 

  • Students who are being picked up will be dismissed from the gym door. Students must be signed out before being released.
  • Children will not be allowed to walk into the parking lot without an adult.