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1:1 Device Agreement FAQ

Q:  Will device insurance be provided?
A:  Yes.  All devices will be covered under AppleCare at no cost to families.  AppleCare covers up to two instances of accidental damage.  AppleCare does not cover loss or theft.  There will be an additional insurance policy in which parents can opt in at time of device distribution that will cover loss/theft.

Q:  Do I have to fill out a device agreement for my incoming kindergartener?
A:  Not at this time.  Families of incoming kindergarteners will be asked to fill out a device agreement upon device distribution.

Q:  Can my child bring his/her own device?
A:  In order to ensure a consistent learning experience with district licensed apps/resources as well as security and monitoring of the Internet/device, the district does not have a "bring your own device" policy to allow personal devices.  

Atwood PTC

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All meetings will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the Atwood Media Center.

If you have any questions at any time during the school year regarding a PTC function or meeting, please call 493-5250 and the office will assist you.You may also email directly to


Volunteers are always welcome at Atwood. Please coordinate a day and time with your child's teacher to volunteer in the classroom.  Volunteers can range from making copies to working with students on basic skills to attending field trips and parties.  Be sure to complete a PDF Documentvolunteer form (you can get one in the main office) and submit it to the main office.


Establishing a routine of attending school regularly, and on time, is very important for young children.  It can create stress for a child to miss too much school or to walk in late to his/her classroom once school has already started.  Please make regular attendance a priority for your child.  Be sure your child is getting adequate sleep at night, and consider removing electronics or other distractions from your child's room to ensure that good sleep is taking place.

We understand that children do get sick, and that there will be times when not coming to school will be necessary.  Please do not send your child to school if he or she has a fever or has been vomiting.  If your child becomes ill during school, we will contact you to pick up your child.

If your child is going to be absent from school, please call us at 586-493-5250 and press 5 for the attendance line.

PDF DocumentDistrict Attendance Policy


During the year, Atwood will conduct various fundraisers. In addition to "one time sales" we also have various fundraisers that are ongoing and help us to raise funds without families spending additional money


  • Atwood collects Boxtops for Education.  These can be found on various food packages.  Clip them and send them to school in a baggy or envelope marked with your child's name and teacher's name.  Be on the look out for Boxtop contests throughout the year!


  • Register your Kroger Plus Card so that 1% of your purchase will go towards Atwood.  You know you've done this by looking at the very bottom of your Kroger receipt.  It will say that you are supporting Atwood.  Each Plus Card must be registered annually. 

PDF DocumentDirections to register for Kroger Community Rewards


  • When shopping online, your purchases can earn cash back for Atwood!  Simply log on to and select, "Merchants."  From there, you can shop at your favorite stores while earning money for Atwood.


  • Download the Shoparoo app and use it to take pictures of your grocery store receipts.  You will earn points for Atwood which then get turned into cash!  For more information, visit the Shoparoo Website.



School-Age Child Care (SACC) is available before and after school at each elementary building. Call (586) 493-5660 for more information.

SACC opens at 6:30 am and closes at 6:00 pm daily.  Students who need to be dropped off for school prior to 8:40 should be registered for SACC.  In addition, students who do not ride a bus, or are not able to be picked up at dismissal (3:50) should be registered for SACC. 

Contact Atwood SACC: 586.493.5250 ext. 2001