About Carkenord


The "Bee" Cool Rules

Carkenord Elementary supports a school-wide positive behavior support system for all students. These rules help Carkenord to have a positive and caring school community. Our “Bee Cool” rules are as follows:

Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be In Control
*Follow the rules to be a “Cool Coyote!”


PBIS Program

Our Gotcha system is a recognition system to acknowledge students who demonstrate our "Bee Cool" rules and are Bucketfillers. Our goal is to recognize all students following the rules as well as going above and beyond, during each school year.

Our recognition includes but is not limited to:

  • Blue Ribbon Board Recognition
  • Gotcha  recipients are announced on  daily morning broadcasting
  • Students who are "caught" following the rules receive a 'Gotcha" sticker to be worn proudly on his/her shirt for the day
  • Gotcha winners are drawn monthly to participate in the Carkenord Cookie Club