MST Job Shadowing Information

What is a job shadowing experience?

The MST Job Shadowing Experience (JSE) is an opportunity for students to spend some time observing or assisting a professional in the workplace. It is a unique opportunity to experience the "real world" before you have to choose a career or college major. Be creative! Think big! Learn more about a possible career that interests you!!

What are the benefits of a job shadowing experience?

There are many benefits to a job shadowing experience. Job shadowing can help you learn about different careers so you can decide which is best for you. Someone may say they want to be an engineer or they want to be a lawyer, but what do these people do in their jobs day to day? Shadowing an engineer or lawyer may help you find out!

Job shadowing can also help you learn more about a specific career. Maybe you KNOW you want to be a doctor. Shadowing a doctor will give you a chance to learn about the educational path to becoming a doctor. Your mentor may provide valuable advice on how to get started, what classes you should take in college, and what the medical school process is like.

Job shadowing can also help you start to create a professional network. Some college majors require you to get x-many hours of work in the field you intend to study before admitting you into the program. If you complete a job shadowing experience at Company A, it may be a lot easier to approach that company again when looking for additional field hours. 

Job shadowing can also lead to a good paying summer job! Numerous students in the past have been offered paid positions at their job shadowing site. Some extremely talented students in the past have also been hired and offered paid college tuition to remain with the company or business. 

In short, a job shadowing experience is what you make it! 


Important Dates

  • 1/5/18: JSE Requirements and Expectations form due to Mrs. Duncan
  • 5/1/18: JSE Proposal form due to Mrs. Diliberi
  • 9/4/18: Site Supervisor/Timesheet Summary form due to Ms. Duncan
  • 9/4/18: Professional Interview form due to Ms. Duncan
  • 9/4/18: Student Reflection form due to Ms. Duncan
  • 9/4/18: Copy of thank you letter due to Ms. Duncan
  • 9/4/18: Emailed photo of you at your JSE due to Ms. Diliberti