Student Employment Opportunities

Looking for employment?   Explore Current Availability of Employment by Category below to learn about the many opportunities open within our own community!

Would you like to earn credit while you work?  Check out the Pankow Center Student Externship Program to learn how, or email Mr. Hintze, Externship Coordinator, for more details.

Current Employment Availability:

Employers will list specific requirements for eligibly and consideration.  Be sure to read each listing carefully.

Arts & Communications

Business Management & Marketing Technology - Includes Sales/Service

Engineering/Manufacturing & Industrial Technology - Includes Construction Trades, Mechanical/Service

Health Sciences

Human Services - Includes Restaurant & Tourism

Natural Resources & Agri-Science

For more employment information visit the Career Resources & Services page.

The list of possible student employment opportunities is for information purposes only. L'Anse Creuse Public Schools is simply acting as a liaison between students in our schools and employers in our community.   In no way is this service an endorsement of any company and is simply a way to provide opportunities to students to pursue should they choose.  As such, L'Anse Creuse Public Schools assumes no responsibility or liability, explicit or implied, for the relationship that ensues with any employer.