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This section will provide information and resources for students that attend the Frederick V. Pankow Center. 

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Student Externships (formerly Co-op)

What are Externships?

The Externship Program is designed to give all students an opportunity to learn about a job from a field of their choice.  

The externship, is for Juniors and Seniors (at least 16 years of age) who are taking classes at Pankow, or a Marketing class at the high school and would like to experience real life situations in their field.  The student’s progress is supervised by the student externship coordinator and evaluated by the employers and the externship coordinator.

What are the Guidelines?

  •  You must work at least 10 hours per week (150 hours minimum) for 1 credit per semester.
  •  You may only work a maximum of 18 hours per week.  This does not include   vacations and 1/2 days.
  •  You must be paid by company check with appropriate tax deductions.
  •  Your job must be related to your class at Pankow or Marketing class.
  •  You must turn in an attendance and earning record every two weeks (paystub). 
  •  You must pass your related class at Pankow or Marketing class with a C or better.
  •  If you quit your job without a valid reason or get fired, you will receive no credit.
  •  You must abide by the policies and regulations of the employer and of the school.
  •  If you are unable to attend school, you are not permitted to work.
  •  The employer must carry workmans compensation and liability insurance

Special Education Resource Room

Teacher Consultants


  • Dianna Dykstra
  • Amy Moore

We Are All About The Students!

  • Career technical/academic support through the student's individual IEP accommodations.
    Work collaboratively with CTE/MST/PA staff for successful student progress.
    Individual Educational Plan (IEP) - CTE/MST/PA teacher input provider.
    Support of students within LCPS's attendance policy.
    Educational Development Plan (EDP) - Career Cruising placement of students' in their CTE classes.
    Resume and job application support.
    High school to college or trade school transition services with the help of the Department of Human Services/Michigan Rehabilitation Services.

Student Resources

Unique pre-college experience for high School teens

Oakland University is offering a unique pre-college experience for high school teen with their career exploration camps in areas such as Healthcare Professions, Engineering & Computer Science, Aerial Robotics camp, Ground Robotics criminal justice, business and graphic arts.

Macomb Community College

Career Academies at Macomb Community College

Macomb Community College is offering Career Academies for the which are short-term learning experiences for high school students that provide a clear understanding of what a specific career field is like.  These career academies are in such fields as Law/Fire/EMT, Media/Communication Arts, Robotics, Culinary/Pastry Arts, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Vet Tech, Biotechnology and I.T. Gaming.  For more information contact the Office of Admissions & Outreach at 586-498-4008 or visit the Career Academies Registration.   Experience Actual College Programs, Identify your Career Pathway goals and Earn College Credit!


Gain the high tech skills you need to succeed!

Michigan Advanced Technician Training combines state-of-the-art training facilities with a curriculum designed for current industry needs.  Students learn theoretical and practical skills in cutting edge fields such as Mechatronics, Information Technology, CNC and Technical Product Design.  Apply Today!  College tuition paid by an employer, on-the-job training with pay, earn an Associate Degree in an in-demand field, and guaranteed employment upon successful completion of the program.  Email to find out if MAT2 is for you.  Contact Lisa Gordon Career Liaison - Region 10 or call 313-550-7181 for questions on this opportunity.  Deadline is June 15th!!

For more information, contact:
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