JAVA Programming

Credit 2.0/year Grades 10 - 11 - 12
Recommended courses: 2 years of English, Math and Science.

This course is designed to provide students with the fundamental understanding of detailed programming language. It will be covering syntax including decisions, loops, arrays, strings, and simple graphics JAVA programming, flow charts, literacy, basic HTML (Hyper Text Mark Up Language), JAVA script, hardware and software terminology, computer ethics and documentation with a heavy emphasis on problem solving. Students will learn how to interact with their customers or superiors, design interfaces for business applications and code simple games. Students will also learn how to utilize databases with their applications in order to create a viable, working program for their final project. Any student is welcome, whether they have previous programming experience or not. Programming will start with the basics and work up from there.

NOTE: Successful completion of this course fulfills the high school graduation requirement for a credit in Visual, Performing or Applied Arts.

Externship eligible program
Available only at the Pankow Center