Food Science and Technology

What is Food Science?

Food Science-Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Food Science is a second year course in the Horticulture sequence. The class focuses on agriculturally oriented foods that are better tasting, healthier, affordable, while promoting food safety. Students will develop food products from the produce grown in the greenhouse, process, package, and market the products (such as tea, potpourri, and dried herbs). Topics covered include: food safety, world food problems, livestock and meat judging, sensory evaluation of herbs and flavors  (aroma, sight, and taste), nutrition, world hunger, and current food related topics such as GMO’s. The National FFA Student Organization, leadership, communication, teamwork skills, and other personal development skills are a part of this course. First year students directly involved in agriculture may take this class with special permission from the instructor.

Food Science is not a Culinary or cooking class, it is an agriculturally oriented Foods class that benefits the consumer with a better tasting, healthier, affordable food, while promoting food safety. Students will have a combination of hands on activities and laboratory lessons with a blend of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and engineering to improve the taste, nutrition and value of the world’s food supply.

Course outline

  • Food safety, sanitation, food borne illnesses, pathogens and food laws
  • Fresh and processed food technology
  • World food problems
  • Food composition and dietary needs (including the major components of foods such as lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates)
  • Food product development and business management (actual experience with our produce from our garden)
  • Food analysis and sensory science, (taste and smell the difference between cinnamon, chocolate, maple, oregano, basil, lemon, lime, orange, vanilla, almond, cherry, butter, grape, garlic, peppermint, and etc.)
  • Preservation and processing
  • Meat and dairy quality (on the hoof and butchered product)
  • Careers and Leadership (FFA)


Curriculum is already available through my online Agriculture curriculum.

Equipment and supplies

With the State Farm Grant we are purchasing a commercial food dryer, we are taking the fruit, vegetables, herbs we grow and are drying them.

Teacher Training

There is a free training at Saline High School in March. There are also opportunities for scholarships and grants for further training.