Computer-aided Design (CAD) at The Pankow Center

Everything we use in our day-to-day lives has been designed by someone. CAD Designers use computer aided techniques for the creation of 3D models and production drawings. Computer-aided design is used in all industries. Successful completion of this course work will provide students a skill set that is applicable for entry level positions in the CAD field, as well as other related occupations.

Course Description

The course covers the basic fundamentals of technical design. Students will learn technical representation drawing and computer aided design. Units of study include, but are not limited to: technical drawing, architectural design, 3D modeling, engineering and production blueprints, manufacturing processes, computer aided manufacturing, auto body design and scale modeling. The course is housed in a manufacturing shop environment which will be utilized as needed.

Drafting/CAD is a 1-semester, 2-class period, offering at the Pankow Center. With instructor approval, a student may take a second semester. To do so, returning students would agree to an assigned leadership role within the class while completing rigorous independent projects based off their prior experiences in semester one.

Successful completion of Drafting may be used toward fulfilling the high school graduation credit requirements of Visual, Performing or Applied Art, or as an elective credit.”