Computer-aided Design (CAD) at The Pankow Center

Everything we use in our day-to-day lives has been designed by someone. CAD Designers use computer aided techniques for the creation of 3D models and production drawings. Computer-aided design is used in all industries. Successful completion of this course work will provide students a skill set that is applicable for entry level positions in the CAD field, as well as other related occupations.

Course Description

The CAD course work is unique. Instead of a traditional year-long high school course, CAD is a dual enrollment/direct learning opportunity offered through Baker College. CAD courses are taught during the school day at the Pankow Center by a Baker College instructor. One year of CAD course work earns a student 16 college credits directly to Baker College. The Baker College courses that are taught at the Pankow Center include: CAD 226A – Unigraphics, CAD 228 – Unigraphics-Intermediate, and CAD 229 – Unigraphics-Advanced.

This opportunity is open to all L’Anse Creuse Public Schools’ 10-12 graders. It is recommended that students successful complete either Modular Tech and/or Drafting at L’Anse Creuse High School or High School-North. Dual enrollment paperwork must be completed in the spring/summer prior to the course beginning in the fall. Updated dual enrollment forms can be obtained from the Pankow Center administration. For more information please contact the Director for Pankow Center: John Haas or Associate Director: Dean Sabelhaus