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Competitive Foods Statement (ALA-CARTE)

  • Competitive foods that provide little or no nutritional value will not be sold in the breakfast or lunch programs at L'Anse Creuse. Nutritious snack items will be offered whenever adequate customer acceptance is indicated.
  • Competitive foods may be sold in the elementary schools on a limited basis. Care will used in the offerings and students will not be allowed to eat only cookies and ice cream.
  • Middle school students will be offered a slightly expanded ala-carte offering. Food service personnel will monitor that foods with no redeeming food value are not offered.
  • High school students will be provided a further expanded ala-carte offering and again, foods with no nutritional content will be excluded.

Food and Supply Purchasing Policies

  • Whenever possible, specific food service related items will be purchased in bulk form, from individual suppliers on a three bid process and/or by District, County, or Consortium entities. Presently the Food Service Department is a member of the H.P.S. purchasing group.
  • Specifications shall be required that will insure that the General Goals Statements are able to be accomplished.
  • Service standards and specific customer preferences are to be considered when awarding bids and placing orders with vendors. However, whenever possible the lowest cost and/or higher participation, not the lowest price, should affect the purchasing decision.

General Goals

  • To participate in the National School Breakfast and Lunch programs, and to provide a quality Food Service operation for those students and adult customers who wish to participate.
  • To provide healthful and nutritious food products to all customers and to develop other services that might be beneficial to the meal programs or to the L'Anse Creuse District.
  • To operate with-in a balanced budget that will produce sufficient revenues which will cover expenses, including renovations not included in bond issues. If necessary, the Board will have the responsibility of making up unforeseen deficits.
  • To adhere to all state, county, and local regulations concerning food operations including the Macomb County Health Department and the State Fire Marshall's office.
  • To follow USDA regulations outlined in the National School Lunch Act and its amendments.
  • To maintain all required documents and files, and to report to the program administrator on a regular basis.

Nutritional Foods Statement (Breakfast & Lunch Meal Offerings)

  • All student pattern breakfasts and lunches will meet the USDA guidelines for nutrition, which is generally one-third of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowances).
  • That processed foods which are high in sugar, sodium, and other additives be evaluated by the Food Service Supervisor and those foods found to have excess amounts of these items, be limited in their use in the menu pattern. In some instances schools may limit their availability to the student customer.

Pricing Policies

  • All pricing will reflect the balanced budget goal statement.
  • All ala-carte, special function, catering, and extra entree pricing will be based on a cost plus factor.
  • Extra entree will be priced at a level high enough to ensure that the type "A" meal (the pattern meal) is the best value for our student customers. This also ensures that the L'Anse Creuse student is purchasing a total meal with all of the nutritional value available.
  • Bulk sales to staff will be directed by the Food Service Supervisor. The pricing will be at a cost plus 5% to ensure that employees do not personally and financially benefit from the program (Federal Regulation) or from our vendors.

 Use of Kitchen Facilities (by the School Community & Outside Groups)

  • These procedures will be adhered to when school kitchen facilities are used outside of the regular meals program. This is required to provide for security of equipment, supplies and spaces; and to ensure the safety of
    personnel using equipment and spaces.
  • The use of school kitchen facilities and equipment will only be granted with prior approval through the school's principal.
    Equipment may be used providing a food service employee is present to supervise and assist in proper operation of such equipment.
  • Refuse and unused foods and supplies will be removed by the group using the kitchen. Temporary storage of materials will be for a specified duration. All work spaces shall be cleaned as they were found.
  • Equipment failure or damage to equipment and spaces will be reported to the custodian immediately. The custodian will make a report to the building administrator, who will report same to the Food Service Supervisor no later than 9:00 a.m. the following work day.
  • Limited use of kitchen facilities, for making tea or coffee and service from group-owned utensils when a building administrator is present, may be granted by the building administrator. This will be limited to filling and sink cleaning containers and utensils only.
  • Failure to adhere to these regulations, willful neglect of posted safety precautions or intentional damage or misuse of equipment or spaces will result in a recommendation for the loss of kitchen use privileges and/or assessment of charges necessary to correct damages.
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