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Music Curriculum and Assessment

L’Anse Creuse
Elementary Music Department
Belief Statements

1. Music has a place in the lives of all children.

2. Students are encouraged to leave the elementary music program with a desire to further their musical education.

3. The elementary music program enables students to develop a lifelong, knowledgeable appreciation of music.

4. The elementary music program extends, enriches and supports the total curriculum and the learning process.


Music Education Report Card

Students receive report card grades for music education twice during the school year, during quarters 2 and 4.  Below is a sample of the music report card skills your student will be assessed on at these marking periods:


    2      4




Demonstrates music analysis through listening and evaluating music



Demonstrates proper instrument techniques through performance and creating music



Demonstrates age-appropriate vocal skills




Demonstrates cooperative and appropriate behavior


1=Advanced Progress (exceeds expectations)

2=Competent Progress (meets expectations)

3=Basic Progress (attempts to meet expectations)

4=Insufficient Progress (does not attempt to meet expectations)

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