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Definition of Assessments
COP (Concepts of Print)
An assessment that measures the knowledge of a child's awareness of print and their book handling skills.

ELA (English Language Arts)
A thematically based assessment that includes (a) a personal narrative writing, (b) a narrative reading selection with 10 questions, (c) an informational reading selection with 10 questions, (d) 5 cross text questions, (e) a listening piece with 10 questions and (f) an extended response writing.

Everyday Math Secure Items Checklist
A checklist designed to give a barometer of where a student is currently functioning over the course of each marking period. Secure items are documented on each grade level’s report card.

Extended Response
A piece of writing wherein a student is given a real life scenario. The student must take a stand on the situation and support it with information from both the narrative reading selection and the informational reading selection.

Letter/Sound Identification
An assessment that measures the child’s ability to recognize upper and lower case letters and their corresponding sounds.

MAT 8 - (Metropolitan Achievement Tests, 8th Edition)
An achievement test that gives all students the opportunity to demonstrate what they know and are able to do in the areas of mathematics and reading. The results provide parents, educators and students with meaningful information to guide teaching and learning.

MLPP (Michigan Literacy Progress Profile)
A collection of 11 research based performance assessments that measure development of oral language, fluency,comprehension, writing, and attitudes about literacy.

Oral Reading Record
A written record of a child reading orally. It is a way for the teacher to record a student's fluency, accuracy, and the use of reading strategies. Fluency reflects the ability of the reader to read smoothly.Reading strategies include cues such as structure of language, meanings, and visual components.

OLSAT (Otis Lennon School Ability Test 7)
A test that measures the child’s ability. The child is given a numerical score that is referred to as his/her School Ability Index. It indicates ability to succeed at school tasks.

A test that measures basic academic development in the areas of English, mathematics, reading, and science reasoning.PLAN helps identify career interests and relates these to educational and training requirements. It helps students prepare for the ACT.PLAN is taken by 8th graders.

PN (Personal Narrative)
A written response found in the ELA(English Language Arts) MEAP test. This written piece requires the student to take a position on an issue and explain it. The work is assessed using a well-understood six- point rubric.

The process of constructing meaning from the original text and relaying this meaning in the child’s own words to demonstrate understanding of the author’s intended message.

SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory)
A computer-adaptive assessment designed to measure how well individuals read literature and expository texts of varying difficulties.

Schedule of Student Learning Assessments

The results of all learning assessments are used to guide instructional decisions for each student.
The L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Learning Assessment Plan includes national, state and L'Anse Creuse tests given at scheduled intervals, K-12.

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