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The district is launching a blog that will give staff members, students, parents, and community members a place to share their stories and testimonials portraying the many wonderful deeds that show the character of the L'Anse Creuse Community.

If a staff member has made a difference for your child, if you “caught” a student or group of students doing something admirable, or if you witnessed someone going above and beyond, please tell us your story.

You can submit your stories by clicking the “LCPS Stories” button.

You can submit pictures and you can remain anonymous if you so choose. We look forward to hearing from you!

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June 8, 2016

On Friday, my first child will finish kindergarten at Higgins Elementary.  I myself am a high school math teacher and I would say that I have very clear expectations for what happens in both middle and high school.  My husband and I weren't really sure what to expect as we prepared for our daughter to begin her formal educational journey.  We took the "wait and see" approach and let our daughter form her own opinions about her new school, new friends, and new teacher.

I cannot find the words (math teacher, remember) to express how grateful we are for the experience we have had this year.  From the very beginning of the year, our expectations have been exceeded.  We want to thank our daughter's teacher, Mrs. Torri, for all of her hard work, dedication, ease of communication, and genuine caring she showed for our daughter throughout the year.  Mrs. Torri made it so easy for us to stay informed of our daughter's progress, whether through email, our photo sharing site, weekly newsletters, class dojo, or conferences.

We would like to thank the classroom aides: Ms. Martin and Ms. Bertini, for helping our daughter on her way.  Especially during the stretch where she may have been faking illness just to get a little extra attention while adjusting to having a new baby brother at home.

About a month ago, a job change for my husband required that we enroll our daughter in SACC for the remainder of the year.  We would like to thank Higgins SACC for helping us and our daughter transition to this new morning routine so late in the school year.

As a teacher, I knew that I would need to miss special moments in my daughter's education during times I could not be out of my own classroom.  We went to Higgins the day before the first day of school to take pictures as if it really were the first day of school.  I'll do the same thing this Saturday as we take our "last day of school" pictures.  These are the sacrifices those in education make every day.  We miss time with our own families in order to take care of someone else's children.  I am so thankful for all the care and love everyone at Higgins has given my daughter this year and I look forward to many more wonderful years to come.

Angela M. Principato

May 3rd, 2016

Alumni News: L’Anse Creuse High School- Class of 2012 graduate and valedictorian, Rachel Bertolini, is graduating from the College for Creative Studies (CCS) this year with a major concentration in Photography. Rachel’s former art teacher at LCHS, Janet Prange, has kept in touch with her over the years and has attended several of her special exhibits and gallery openings. Ms. Prange was kind enough to share some of Rachel’s latest work with us, which includes a series of intricate photos printed on silk. Rachel was also chosen to collaborate with an Illustration student to design the College for Creative Studies Student Exhibition announcement. It can be agreed that she has an amazing talent, and that we most likely will be hearing of her further successes in the near future.

March 15, 2016

Dear Ms. Trebilcock & Ms. Livingston

The Chesterfield Parks and Recreation Department would like to thank you for allowing us use of the Higgins gym for our basketball program.  It was a real privilege to have access to your school and our referees, parents, spectators and staff enjoyed their time in your building.  We greatly appreciate you working with us! I also wanted to take a moment of your time to compliment your custodial staff especially, Janitor Mike.  He was a fantastic host on each of our 19 nights.  Your gym and bathrooms were always clean and ready to go on arrival. If we ever needed Mike’s assistance,  we would find him hard at work on another building project, but he was always willing to help us too.   He interacted well with our staff and the public.  He showcased Higgins Elementary in a very positive light.  We hope to work with him and your building administrators in years to come.  

Thank you, again!

Amanda Willard

February 8, 2016

There are often good teachers in my children’s lives.  It seems that their curious natures and inquisitive behavior invites interaction of a positive nature.  However, it is rare breed of person and model teacher that impacts a child’s life in such a profound way.  L’Anse Creuse Middle School Central is blessed with such a teacher in Josh Gulecki.  Mr. Gulecki goes the extra mile to not only teach the important concepts and stimulate the imagination in his Technology classes, but he cares and shows it.  Middle school boys are in need of confident, supportive and caring male role models.  Boys are often less than focused, disorganized and seeking a niche in their social and educational lives.  Mr. Gulecki goes out of his way to be sure that the children in his classes and after school activities receive a fantastic education while modeling good citizenship and positive leadership traits.  His impact on my son’s life and “tough, but caring” approach has improved my son’s self-esteem, personal organization and character.  My husband and I are thankful that he has been a part of our child’s education and for the profound impact that he has had on the character and development of our son.  

Gretchen Bates, MS-C mother

September 9, 2015

Ms. Johnston & Mr. May

Happy back to school to you both! Hope you had a wonderfully relaxing summer.

I have been telling my two daughters to just imagine how nervous the Chesterfield kids would be coming into a new school. I said how nice it would be if they introduced themselves to a Chesterfield kid each day. Well I just wanted to share with you a touching and pleasant experience I had at Carkenord’s Open House. It was chaotic and crowded and you could ‘feel’ the nerves. Chesterfield students coming into a new school with new faces everywhere. When it was time for me to visit my daughter’s fifth grade classroom, we waited behind a nervous girl talking to Ms Patrona. It was a Chesterfield student and Ms Patrona spoke directly to her. Ms Patrona not only knew this little girl’s name but also knew her Chesterfield teacher. I was thoroughly impressed and I could tell by the look on the child’s face and her mother’s face that they were too. The little girl was immediately put at ease and felt WELCOME.

I spoke with another teacher later that evening who told me that each teacher had a special list of the Chesterfield students coming into their classroom and their prior teachers. Ms Patrona memorized hers! I am sure that each teacher demonstrated this amazing behavior but I just wanted to share with you my personal experience. I was an extremely proud Carkenord parent at that moment - prouder than usual that is!

I also overheard mothers in the hallways happily talking about how some Chesterfield noon-aides and lunch workers would be working at Carkenord. And how some Chesterfield parents have already joined the Carkenord PTC. The PTC has already scheduled a playground party tomorrow to bring teachers, parents and kids together.

I was also impressed by the ‘Get to know the teachers’ board completed by Monica Lowe. It was wonderful for parents, both Carkenord & Chesterfield, to read about our teachers and their backgrounds and likes.

I’m sure we are all aware of how difficult this transition has been and will be for everyone involved but I wanted to bring to your attention how hard the staff is working to make it work. Carkenord’s staff is extraordinary from the incredibly hard working and patient office staff to the truly caring and dedicated teachers and our fantastic leader Mr May! I am proud to be a Carkenord Coyote parent and I know the Chesterfield Cheetahs will love their new school too!


Mrs Geddes

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