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 Interim Superintendent Dr. John R. Armstrong

Dr. John Armstrong

February 2017

Whoever said you can never go back got it all wrong. This is my third opportunity to serve the students and community of L’Anse Creuse and each time it gets better. It is interesting to me how much things have changed.

When I started as a L’Anse Creuse teacher in 1967, we were a small consolidated school district that was just starting to experience growth in enrollment. At that time we had one high school, two middle schools and five elementary schools and our administration building was the little house next to Graham Elementary. During the 1980’s, 90’s and early 2000’s we experienced rapid growth and we were building and expanding schools as quickly as we could to keep up with the demand. Today our growth has stabilized and in some areas we are experiencing a decrease in enrollment.

Another interesting change to me is the makeup of our student body. Growing up I lived in a community that embraced many different cultures and races. That was not the case when I first came to L’Anse Creuse. For many years our population had less than 2% minority throughout the entire school district. I always felt that was unhealthy and did not lend itself to preparing our students to enter a world of many different cultures. This has changed for the better. At last count we now have 40 different languages represented in L’Anse Creuse and many different races and cultures throughout the district. While this can generate some challenges it also provides us many opportunities to learn and grow.

Though our district has seen changes in enrollment, both in numbers and composition, one thing has not changed: the commitment to providing every child in L’Anse Creuse a quality education that will prepare them for the future in a safe and nurturing environment. As I walk around our schools, I witness quality teaching and learning at every level.

You may have noticed there has been an increase in media coverage regarding students being harassed, bullied and intimidated. Due to our commitment to keeping our schools as a safe haven for our students, I want to make it clear that this will not be tolerated in L’Anse Creuse Public Schools. The very core of everything we do and believe starts with respect; that’s respect for adults and students alike. We will not tolerate any type of behavior that is in any way demeaning or disrespectful to an individual or group and we will promote an environment that teaches tolerance and acceptance.

Working together, we make L’Anse Creuse an even better place to live and learn.

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